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Department of Digital Forensic and Cyber Security
The demand for Expert Witness services is increasing globally due to an escalation in litigation in all aspects of business. The JMTM Department of Digital Forensic and Cyber Security is able to assist clients who grapple with complex information technology issues in the context of litigation or risks facing the company. With proven skills in complex cases and exceptional strength in analytics, our experts have provided astute guidance to clients in hundreds of successful engagements. The Department of Digital Forensic and Cyber Security offer Expert Witness Reports, Expert Witnesses & General Litigation Support.
Computer forensics
We provides an extensive range of high quality international computer forensics investigation services of a criminal and civil nature, including the handling of computer related abuse, fraud cases, network forensics and mobile device analysis. We conduct cyber forensic investigations according to internationally accepted standards and by making use of state-of-the-art hardware and software. This ensures the successful presentation of evidence and expert testimony during any judicial hearing as well as ensures that moral, ethical and constitutional principles are followed.
We offer the identification, collection, preservation, processing, review, reporting and disclosure of electronic data in regulatory, civil and criminal environments. As well as the policies, procedures and legal compliance to support the process and validate the facts. As part of our E-Discovery service, we assist clients in conducting electronic discovery projects more effectively by providing a platform for the secure and confidential exchange of information during judicial matters.
Data recovery
Electronic data can be lost at any time through accidental deletion, malicious destruction or device failure. Data recovery is the process of recovering this missing data to its original form. We have vast experience in this area and can recover data from a host of devices including, but not limited to hard drives, DVD’s \ BlueRay’s and media cards. We have high success rates and have succeeded where on occasions the device manufacture had failed.
Expert witness
JMTM cooperate with a number of internationally approved computer forensic Expert Witnesses who frequently provide expert computer forensics testimony in court and for disciplinary proceedings. Our experts have presented evidence in both civil and criminal court ensuring that evidence is always presented in a non-technical and understandable manner.
Incident response
It is impossible to predict when a computer forensics incident may occur within your environment. For that reason it is essential you respond promptly and conduct a thorough scoping exercise in order to implement a solution and diminish the impact to your business.
IT audits
JMTM offers evaluation and examination of management controls within Information Technology infrastructures. From the small business to large enterprise, JMTM has a variety of audits and assessments in order to help shape, guide and maintain your IT environment.
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